About us

Nordic Wildwood is a brand created and owned by Friluftskanalen HB (Handlesbolag). It was created to replace the Swedish brand Friluftskanalen while also restructuring the business. During the restructuring, we switched to producing English content instead of Swedish for a wider audience and started developing and selling products under this new brand.

The content we produce is outdoor-related. Some examples of content types we produce are guides, reviews, and tips & tricks which all come in different formats (image, text, and video). Even though our website is the main platform where we publish our content, we’re also active on multiple social networks. Such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The content we share on YouTube will usually end up on the website as well.

The products we develop and sell are different types of outdoor equipment. Some of the products are more simple, made for making your outdoor experience a little easier, while others are game-changers. We try to produce as much as possible locally and with as small environmental impact as possible. Click here to view our currently avalible products.

We love nature. That’s why we donate a part of our income to the conservation of nature. You can read more information about your donations on the page Environmental charity.

You’ll find more information about us on the page called Terms and Conditions.

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