Environmental Charity

Every year we donate 5% of our annual profit to environmental charity. This is something we do because we deem it highly important and wish to contribute to something greater than ourselves. This sustainable thinking is also the reason we strive to teach outdoor life skills that help people to “leave nothing but footprint”.

The forest has always been a central part of many people’s outdoor life. Scouts, hikers, bird watchers, and many others find great pleasure and relaxation to move around in this wonderful environment. As you can see below, the forest makes up a very large part of several of the Nordic countries. But unfortunately, a fairly small proportion of this percent is made up of natural forest and even less of wildwood.

We, therefore, believe that the environmental charity organizations that work to preserve our natural forests need to be supported. Therefore, we have chosen to donate 5% of our annual profit to various organizations that work for the good of the forest. From a perspective that is favorable for all outdoor enthusiasts and of course nature itself.

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