Made in Sweden 

Tent Block v1.2 (short)

  • Universal tent/tarp anchor
  • Pitch your tent easier, faster & stronger
  • Perfect for harsh terrain and tricky spots


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New & improved version

  • Newly designed more versatile lock.
  • The optimized wedge shape fits in 37% smaller cracks.
  • Shorter and lighter than our standard version.

Tent Block is a versatile anchor made for pitching tents and tarps. Its base can be used as a wedge and the lines going through as snares to tie around roots, rocks, and trees.

The Tent Block enables pitching tents where you usually couldn’t. It also helps you pitch your tent steadier and faster than ever. And with some basic knot knowledge and fantasy, you’ll be unstoppable.

The plastic parts are 3D-printed in Sweden and the products are assembled there as well. The material used is a plastic called rPETG. rPETG is a very impact-resistant and robust material that is also recyclable.
The line is a proven nylon/Dyneema hybrid. Dyneema is often called “the world’s strongest fiber” and has an impressive breaking strength despite its modest thickness of only 1.7 mm!

Key features:

  • 8 different wedge sizes can be achieved via combinations of the outer and inner wedge to always be able to find a cavity to anchor the Tent Block in.
  • Use the strings at the bottom to snag rocks, branches, or protrusions in the rock. Perfect when there are no cavities to wedge in.
  • Distribute the force between several tent poles when the surface is porous.
  • Fasten, for example, a paddle, snowshoe, or similar to make an anchor to dig down.
  • Versatile lock to connect the tent/tarp rope to.


Each pack contains 1 Tent Block with rope.

This product is not made for climbing nor pitching hammocks! It is very strong for its size and material, but the line was chosen for pitching tents and tarp, not climbing.

Nordic Wildwood provides a 1-year guarantee for manufacturing defects. Normal wear on rope or wedges does not constitute a basis for warranty. Tent Block may have minor variations in color and texture. This depends on the manufacturing method and is completely normal, nothing that affects its function or quality.

Additional information

Weight 23 g



Recycled PETG and Nylon/Dyneema




1.2 short

Cord length



Nordic Wildwood


Canoeing, Hiking

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