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Fabric Impregnation Wax

  • Homemade
  • Prime European beeswax & paraffin
  • Highly effective


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This is our homemade fabric impregnation wax. It consists of a mixture of paraffin and prime European beeswax in a carefully selected mixture. Together, they form an excellent fabric wax that can be used to impregnate your outdoor equipment by making them wind and water-resistant.

We recommend that you first test the wax on a surface that is not visible, as the wax changes the tone of the fabric slightly. It is also important to ensure that the fabric is made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend.

After a period of use and washing, the process needs to be repeated. The impregnation wax can be washed out if desired. This is done by washing the product about 4-5 times according to the washing instructions.

How to use impregnation wax

To implement the impregnation vax, simply rub the block on the cloth. When you have enough, carefully use a hairdryer or a heat gun to make it melt. This will make the cloth absorb the mixture. You can try putting some water on the fabric to make sure that you’ve added enough impregnation wax.

Impregnation vax is perfect for more rough outdoor pants. We recommend that you apply an even layer over the whole pants then add extra close to the feed, knees, and on the backside above the things. This is to add extra protection where you usually get wet the fastest due to sitting down.

Additional information


75-80gr – Sufficient for 6-7 garments


Beeswax & paraffin

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