Dyneema 1.7mm/0.06" 1 m / 3.28 feet Orange & white

An extremely lightweight and strong line for harsh outdoor environments.


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Strengthen your tent or tarp set-up and reduces weight with “the world’s strongest fiber”, also known as Dyneema.


Dyneema is an incredible material that suites more than perfect for harsh environments. This line is a proven nylon/Dyneema hybrid that we love using for our tents and tarps due to its extremely lightweight and strength. Some tents actually are delivered with Dyneema but far from all. But sometimes you need a cord for use cases, such as adding more guylines, building custom tarp setups, or just bringing some extra for emergencies.


The color orange and white was chosen to be visible during dark hours. If you’re buying Dyneema to use as tent lines, then it might be a good idea to add some extra length.┬á Some extra long guy lines can do wonders when it’s hard to find good positions for your ground pegs.


This line is sold on the meter.


Note that this line is not for climbing nor setting up hammocks. It’s extremely strong for its diameter, but not strong enough for a swaying hammock.

Additional information


White & orange




Dyneema® SK78


polyester 16


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