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Char cloth (tinder)

Char cloth is a crazy effective tinder that is both easy and cheap to make. After just having lit a few fires with this tinder, you will be completely in love with it and not light a single fire without it! In this guide, you’ll learn how to make your

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Choosing tent site

Choosing a place to pitch a tent is considered by many to be an easy match. But is it really as simple as some claim? There are in fact many factors that influence the choice of spot to pitch a tent. Two of these things are access to water, where

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Dry Feet During Hike

Did you know that wet feet can actually become more problematic than you might think? Hiking with wet feet can cause lots of problems, but fortunately, there are ways to keep one’s feet dry. In this article, we’ll share some of our secrets with you, and some knowledge about the

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Hypothermia (severe loss of body heat)

Hypothermia is way more dangerous than most people think. However, many of the deaths and accidents that occur every year can actually be prevented. By teaching people how to handle hypothermia, we easily improve these numbers. If you’re new to the word, then hypothermia means then the body temperature has

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By using the layer-on-layer principle you can easily handle shifting weather.

Layer-On-Layer Principle

Dressing properly for the weather is in many cases crucial to the success of the trip. A rule is to follow the layer-on-layer principle. The principle can be used during all seasons and it gives you adaptable protection against anything you might encounter. Remember that worse weather required more thought

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Leather boots are a great choice of footwear for nordic regions.

Leather boot care

Caring for your hiking boots, hunting boots, or whatever you have on your feet, is extremely important to keep your feet healthy and your mood on top. Because who likes wet cold feet or even trench foot? Boots are an expensive investment and should last for several years. Here we

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