Building an survival/emergency kit

One day you might end up in a situation that requires a little extra from you and your equipment. Maybe the weather changes drastically or maybe you accidentally destroy your backpack! It could also be as simple as forgetting the lighter when you go out to grill some hotdogs. These are the reasons we recommend that you build an emergency kit! An emergency kit must be personally designed according to the emergencies you may end up in. However, we would like to point out that this kit should not replace your first aid kit but act as a compliment. You

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Your power bank’s true capacity

Are you wondering why your 4,000mAh power bank can’t fully charge your iPhone 8 with a 1821mAh battery twice? In theory, it should work, right? The capacity of batteries is usually referred to as milliampere-hours (abbreviated mAh). One could therefore think that 4000mAh will then correspond to 4000 transferred mAh to a mobile phone. But unfortunately, it is not that simple. Let me explain why. The truth about your power bank​ The truth is that your power bank requires energy to drive its circuits that monitor the charge. But some are also wasted to change the voltage from their battery

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Tips & Tricks

11 tips & tricks for better outdoor photos with the phone

Do you ever wonder how your favorite accounts on Instagram manages to capture such nice photos from their trips? Do you really need a super expensive camera with lots of different lenses, or does it maybe boil down the knowledge? We will now reveal our 11 best tricks to help you step up your photography game!Most people today have their mobile phones with them out in the woods. And the fact is that most cell phones today also have very competent cameras. It’s just about learning to handle them. The truth is that the basic rules of photography are applied

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