Common European Adder/Viper – If you are bitten

If you or a friend have been bitten by a common European adder/viper, stop reading this call for help immediately. If help delays, read steps 1-3 below. Depending on the type of outdoor life you engage in, you might sometimes face a snake. Maybe even a common European adder/viper. In that case, it’s important to know how to identify them and how to act if bitten by one. This viper (Vipera berus in Latin) is, unfortunately, tricky to identify due to its variety in color, but after reading this, you’ll hopefully know the basics. These snakes become approximately 60-90 cm

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Building an survival/emergency kit

One day you might end up in a situation that requires a little extra from you and your equipment. Maybe the weather changes drastically or maybe you accidentally destroy your backpack! It could also be as simple as forgetting the lighter when you go out to grill some hotdogs. These are the reasons we recommend that you build an emergency kit! An emergency kit must be personally designed according to the emergencies you may end up in. However, we would like to point out that this kit should not replace your first aid kit but act as a compliment. You

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